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Are there any plans to support SVG files?
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There are no plans yet, but if this gets upvoted enough then maybe there will be :)
Official reply posted by Alan Schaaf Founder , 3 years ago
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I don't know why anyone else hasn't given this message back, but you really deserve it. Sinse the day I first used imgur, it has become a part om my daily life. Your work is awesome.

/year subscriber/
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I have no idea if this is possible but I would love a function that lets you upload an image by just pasting it without saving it locally first.

Madness seen on the Internets --> Printscreen --> Imgur --> Ctrl-V --> Done.
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It looks like this is possible with some new HTML5 features. If enough people ask for it here, then you'll have it!
Official reply posted by Alan Schaaf Founder , 3 years ago
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I want to download all my albums and pictures converted into folders with pictures in one zip, gzip format.
it is possible to do this ?
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I've recently had to restore my computer and would like for my photos to be back on my computer - any possible chance there will be an option like that soon? 
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Get md5 or something to check if there is duplicates; on your account and / or on the whole site. At times the site manages to load the same image 10 times, and takes forever to delete again.
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This is the one feature that is holding me back from using imgur instead of flickr
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Yes, absolutely. I have a lot of plans for this one, and it's going to be released right after http://imgur.userecho.com/feedback/19227-embed-code-generator-for-multiple-images/. There isn't really an ETA on it, but it should be released this month.
Official reply posted by Alan Schaaf Founder , 3 years ago
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Images hosted at imgur do not work while the refferer is leprosorium.ru. Please, unblock it.

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Sorry, this site has been blocked because we found images being hotlinked that broke our terms of service. Our CEO has decided not to unblock it. 

Official reply posted by Sarah , 1 year ago
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I want have root album 'Trips' and many sub-albums in it.

---[India 23.05.2009]
---[Berlin 10.08.2010]
and e.t.c
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First of all, thank you for Imgur. I feel like i have finally found my family. that being said, every family has a drunken uncle or two, and here they take the form of downvote fairies. It seems that in the mad dash for top comment some people have found that downvoting every comment around them can keep theirs high on the list and visible. Two possible solutions that i have seen:

1) Make each downvote "cost" points from your accumulated reserve (though some people might try to get around this by un-downvoting comments after theirs is clearly a runaway lead)
2) Make total upvotes/downvotes given from each user visible on their profile. that would make it easy to differentiate between a person who occasionally downvotes a bad idea from someone who downvotes competitively.

That being said, I love Imgur. These are just suggestions. keep doin' what you are doin'.