Nate2 4 years ago • updated by Shimmy Weitzhandler 4 days ago 16
Are there any plans to support SVG files?
Alan Schaaf (Founder) 4 years ago
There are no plans yet, but if this gets upvoted enough then maybe there will be :)
Cece 4 years ago • updated by Salahudin 2 days ago 7
I don't know why anyone else hasn't given this message back, but you really deserve it. Sinse the day I first used imgur, it has become a part om my daily life. Your work is awesome.

/year subscriber/
Perb123 4 years ago • updated by Imam eko prasetyo (ieppei) 1 month ago 13
I have no idea if this is possible but I would love a function that lets you upload an image by just pasting it without saving it locally first.

Madness seen on the Internets --> Printscreen --> Imgur --> Ctrl-V --> Done.
Alan Schaaf (Founder) 4 years ago
It looks like this is possible with some new HTML5 features. If enough people ask for it here, then you'll have it!
Xarc 4 years ago • updated by Salahudin 2 days ago 11
I want to download all my albums and pictures converted into folders with pictures in one zip, gzip format.
it is possible to do this ?
Breezy 4 years ago • updated by Dumbyoyo 4 years ago 2
I've recently had to restore my computer and would like for my photos to be back on my computer - any possible chance there will be an option like that soon? 
Cece 4 years ago • updated by Salahudin 2 days ago 5
Get md5 or something to check if there is duplicates; on your account and / or on the whole site. At times the site manages to load the same image 10 times, and takes forever to delete again.
Lambda 1 year ago 0
Right now, if you go to "Favorites" it shows you all images you had favorited over the time.
Now I want to categorize these favorites for example some images goes into the category/album/folder/... "funny", some into "pretty girls", or maybe some into "incredible places"...something like that.
Elliotness 4 years ago • updated by Anonymous 2 months ago 5
This is the one feature that is holding me back from using imgur instead of flickr
Alan Schaaf (Founder) 4 years ago
Yes, absolutely. I have a lot of plans for this one, and it's going to be released right after http://imgur.userecho.com/feedback/19227-embed-code-generator-for-multiple-images/. There isn't really an ETA on it, but it should be released this month.
Crea7or 2 years ago • updated by Sarah 1 year ago 8

Images hosted at imgur do not work while the refferer is leprosorium.ru. Please, unblock it.

Sarah 2 years ago

Sorry, this site has been blocked because we found images being hotlinked that broke our terms of service. Our CEO has decided not to unblock it. 

Codedaemon 4 years ago • updated by Kelvino 4 years ago 2
I want have root album 'Trips' and many sub-albums in it.

---[India 23.05.2009]
---[Berlin 10.08.2010]
and e.t.c