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I used to be able to post the url of the image into a site called "plurk," and it would show the entire image, but now it's just showing thumbnails instead. Extremely frustrating. At first I thought it was just stopping .gifs but I've found it to be the case with .jpegs and .pngs alike. I know it's not an issue with plurk, since it shares images just fine when given a url from other image hosting sites.


Are you sure you are copying the right image code? imgur provide codes for multiple sized images.
I'm using the code from the Original image, but it automatically links it as though it were a thumbnail, or a "Small Square."
That image displays perfectly for me. You can even compare it with http://i.imgur.com/PRld1l.png and http://i.imgur.com/PRld1s.png
Oh no, I meant I detailed the issue I'm having within the image
It sounds like it could either be a problem with Plurk, or Imgur-specific code within Plurk that's displaying the thumbnail rather than the image. Unless you can link me to an image that's displaying the thumbnail no matter what you tell it...
Http://failbender.imgur.com/all/ Any of the images here get displayed as a thumbnail, whether I copy the URL directly from the original sized image, use the codes that imgur provides me, or if I'm logged in or out.
Have you tried using the same links in another forum or something outside of Plurk?
They display fine on sites like Livejournal, within html code. I haven't tried the message board/[img] tags, however.
Ok, well that settles it. If they display fine on other sites, then it has to be an issue/feature within Plurk. Have you tried talking with them about it?
Not yet, since I wasn't sure which site the problem was stemming from, but I certainly will! Thank you much for your help. :)