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Are there any plans to support SVG files?


There are no plans yet, but if this gets upvoted enough then maybe there will be :)
There are no plans yet, but if this gets upvoted enough then maybe there will be :)
Are 335 upvotes not enough for you to allow this yet?
So, what's the status on this?
I've been searching around and I didn't find any other image hosting service which would allow hosting of SVG graphics.
I would really love this possibility, at least just hosting them, no need for cropping, or other special features.
Just having the possibility to upload them, and link them from a blog would be great.
I don't really understand why it is not supported, because it should be even easier and cheaper, since SVG files are just XML, use much less space, and it's even easier to adjust sizes (you don't actually need any backend process to deal with them, that's done by the web browser).
The difficult part would be converting them to other formats, but that could be a completely different feature.
http://minus.com/ supports SVG while we're all waiting [=

Not sure why this is taking so long. It seems like it would be a simple code change to say "When the file is an svg, allow uploading it and embed it like any other"
They don't. They just convert it to JPG.
Ah, true. They do that for display (which is better than nothing, though it isn't true support-- thanks for pointing that out), but they at least let you upload SVG files. 

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hope you'll take an action.



Pathum Bandara Premaratne,


Please first implement support of uploading SVG, convert it internally and store it in whatever format you prefer. Support for SVG storage is less compelling.
And BTW, here is my chance to say thanks to this awesome service founder. Thanks Alan!
The whole point of SVG is to defer rasterization until the last moment so that it can be rendered correctly for whatever screen you’re viewing the image on. Asking imgur to convert SVGs you upload and discard the SVG itself is a step backwards
I definitely agree it's a step backwards, but while no support for SVG storage, there should at least be support for UPLOAD, so users don't have to convert it manually to be able to share it via imgur.

Dear Friends,

I've implemented below mentioned functionalities,

Zoom in out functionality without panning is done by playing with Viewbox

coordinates of root element of SVG,

Drag and Drop of elements(From HTML Div to SVG Map and also from SVG Map to SVG

Map) is implemented without zoom in.

Now i want to zoom my svg map (where i'm placing elements by drag and drop)

along with drag and drop of elements with the above mentioned possibilities of

drag drop.so my question is,Is it possible/feasible to drag and drop elements

while map is zoomed in?and if it is correct approach then how to get correct

position of cursor in map while drop event of element?




I too, would love svg support. It's a very powerful format, but even now there don't seem to be any svg image hosting sites. :(

I agree with that it is difficult to convert svg to other formats. I am quite interested in this image and done some reserches on it. Laterly, found a good image solution to convert it to other images.
SVG support does not refer to conversion capabilities.
Converting vector graphics to raster image is useless.
Anybody can convert an SVG graphic to PNG format and upload it.
What cannot be done (I haven't found any image hosting site that allows it yet) is to upload an SVG file and let it be hosted AS IS.
That's the feature I'd love to see implemented.

It's been four years since Alan Schaaf said that "if this gets upvoted enough then maybe there will be [plans]" to implement it.
Well... currently, there's no other feature request with as high demand as this one.
Ditto. This feature is compelling.
At least make an option to import from svg and store it as png, does it have to be so difficult?
Rasterization completely defeats the purpose of vector graphics. That's not the feature we're asking for. We want to be able to upload and host vector graphics in SVG format.
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