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In current version of Imgur, this cannot be done. You can try directly emailing them and Sarah might be able to help. But it's not possible by us the users. 

Just going to state the facts here. Imgur has moved from being an image hosting service to an image sharing service. It is not aiming to take on Flickr or Picasa for personal photo storage. It has become a social platform focused on image sharing. We have seen few improvements for members using it as it as an image storage platform for a long time now. The entire development process is focused on the social component of the service.

I would however recommend an app named ShareX here. It has a feature named Watch Folder. You can set it to automatically upload any new photo added to specific folders to your Imgur account. It’s not perfect but it works for me. Cheers! 

Just wanted to show that people are actually using +1 button on Imgur these days. Make it easy! 

Mail Imgur for asking for removal of this image if you have a valid reason. 

aww man. please add it already. google+ is not going anywhere and google +1 button is a very powerful recommendation tool on the web today! 

i would personally love to have one. i do not prefer uploading images on my own server as 99% of the images are just casual in nature. and i send all the people to to upload it manual and copy the bbcode. a plugin would be nice though there are tons of complexities... vbulletin is a mess. 

It usually happens when your net connection is slow and does not load the relevant CSS properly. A refresh generally fix the issue. 

One hack is to press the end key. It takes you to the end of the page without triggering the next page load.