New home page downgrades simplicity. Add an option to opt out of it.

Aaron Feitelberg 12 years ago updated by Daniel Bradley 12 years ago 1

Recently, a section for highly popular images were added to the home page, as well as top comments. Now, Imgur is my favorite image-sharer of all time, but part of the reason I enjoyed was is the simplicity and tranquility of the uploading process. I could just click on the bookmark, upload an image, get the direct link, and be on my way. I can still do that, but the bombardment of images on the front page along with the uploader now undermines that peaceful, easy feeling. Your slogan is "the simple image sharer," after all.

I know that there are many people who only visit Imgur to browse images, not to upload them. The new home page is most likely a positive addition for those people. But I also know that there are many others like me who don't want to browse and merely want to upload.

My idea, which I propose humbly and respectfully, is this: add an option to opt out of the new front page and go back to the old one, should you so desire. Some people might even like to alternate between the two. Thank you for your time and consideration.

I agree - I come to Imgur to both browse the cream of the Internets' Image-Uploads, and also to upload/access images of my own. Now, when I go to imgur.com I'm greeted with a large wall of fascinating and entertaining looking images, a significant distraction!

Just now, I went to Imgur to retrieve a previously uploaded image (15 seconds or so's worth) and I spent twelve minutes looking at the Gallery before remembering what I was doing in the first place!

I Love Imgur, the simplicity especially!