another voice requesting alternative payment options

laura loolaid 12 years ago updated by Sushubh Mittal 12 years ago 1
Hi. Of all the image sharing sites I've tried out, imgur is by far the coolest looking, most intuitive to use, and just generally feels right. I would really like to go pro and migrate all my shareworthy images here. 

However, I resent PayPal's business ethics and don't want to deal with them or via them. The FAQ search revealed that you are already planning to implement other payment channels as well. So, first the question part: when have you planned to expand the options? 

And second, the "thanks" part: it's great to know such a plan is on the way - you'll be gaining a subscriber :) 

I recently shopped on HideMyAss using Google Checkout. I really liked the experience and would love it if Imgur adopts it along with PayPal. There are millions of Android users out there who probably have an active Google Wallet account. Worth considering.