Changing my old Image link to an updated one

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Hello everyone ,

i have a big problem here , hope you guys can help me with this ,

I have an image with my old phone number listed in it {shared on many classifide websites}

i want to replace that image with an updated image with my new number

Old image : http://i.imgur.com/CR5ptvV.png

updated image : http://i.imgur.com/XHRCkn3.png

please help me if its possible to swap mu new image to use the same old link or anyway to edit it etc

thanks !
In current version of Imgur, this cannot be done. You can try directly emailing them and Sarah might be able to help. But it's not possible by us the users. 
Thanks Sushubh , i will try e-mailing Sarah. hope they can fix it - thanks a ton !

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