comment points not changing after clicking upvote

Jeremy Comer 9 years ago 0
Hey Imgur,

I've noticed that when you click upvote on a comment the point value is no longer being updated. It used to be if you upvoted a comment that had one point you'd see it change to 2 (or in some case higher if others had also voted at the same time).

user action; clicking upvote link on a comment
expected result: the arrow changes to green and the comments point value should change
actual result: the arrow changes to green but the point value doesn't change (however on reloading the page the point has changed)
Tested on Firefox and Chrome in Linux.

The ajax request is clearly working because when you reload the page the point has been counted, but when you click up-vote just the arrow colour changes.  I'm guessing that the JS to set the arrow colour runs at the same point as the ajax request is made so that bit is ok. I'm also guessing the response is still a 200 otherwise I'd expect to see your "something went wrong message". So I reckon you've got a bug in the on success callback.