With the new mp4 format, saving the "gifs" is basically pointless. There is a viable alternative.

Matthew Brick vor 10 Jahren 0
I browse imgur and 4chan and I tend to save pictures and gifs from both. With the new mp4 format, it's essentially pointless to save them, since I can't properly use them on 4chan, where I have the most use for them. This isn't really an issue exclusive to me though, I'm sure many people find the mp4 format odd, which is why I'd recommend using .webm formatting as an alternative for large gifs. They are much smaller, usually under a megabyte, and can be moved around with a bar, as if it was a video. They can support more than 2 minutes of animation in under 4000 kb, making them a much more attractive alternative to mp4s. 
For more information on .webms the following link is a very good source for it. https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php?title=WebM