Images only loading partially in public album view

tomkzinti 9 лет назад обновлен Alan Schaaf (Founder) 9 лет назад 3

Check it out, three out of seven pics didn't load correctly for the resized public album view, yet the full image is completely available.

I started by creating the new album. I drag-n-dropped all 7 images into the album at the same time. I re-arranged them, captioned them and then found out they weren't showing. Tried removing the pics from that folder, then re-adding them. Also tried re-ordering them. Didn't make any difference. This has been happening to me for some time now. Any ideas?
Aaaaaaand now it seems to have fixed itself. Thanks for the attention! :P
I just started a new album, same thing. Some pics only load partially in Album view. WTF, man?
The problem appears to fix itself if I change the Album settings and switch between different Album layouts. FYI.

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