Limitations on posting from Homepage and Account page?

Sushubh 13 years ago updated by Kangenwater Spray 9 years ago 3
I believe uploading from the account backend has no limit on the number of images. The limit I believe was 40 on the homepage. Is this correct? Any plans to remove this limitation in the future?

Also, please mention the limitations of HTML5 uploads. I remember you answering it on Twitter. Would be nice to have the details here.
The limitation from uploading from the homepage has to do with the URLs that are generated. After 40 images, the URL in the end is 239 characters long and if it's any longer then Apache screws up. I can't lift this limit without changing the URL scheme.

The limitation with HTML5 uploads is that the image is processed AFTER it's uploaded. So, uploading large images will be much slower. You won't really notice much of a difference if the images you're uploading are under 1MB or so.
Ah right. I guess, you can consider offering unlimited uploads from the homepage if the user goes for the album option! But I have to admit that I am pretty happy with my Pro account and the backend. Just waiting for the day you would add bulk code generator. :)