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Upload fails. Every time.

anonymous 8 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Sarah 8 lat temu 2

 I use Mozilla Firefox 15.0
Whenever i try to upload an image (png or jpg), it fails to upload it.
The upload starts, goes up to 100%, but then:
When i use the flash version, it redirects me to imgur.com/?error
When i use the html version, it gets stuck at 100%

EDIT: I restarted Firefox without addons and the bug was gone. Sorry for the false report :(

Surprisingly, Imgur has been awesomely reliable for me for the last couple of days. I have seen only one image upload failed during a batch upload. Otherwise it has been rock solid. This is very unlike usual experience where I see failure rate of 5% during batch uploads. 

 I already edited the post, it looks like some plugin is causing the problem.

To nie jest błąd