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Imgur no longer works on small monitors / firefox

Michael_google gmail_Gersten 12 years ago updated by Sarah 12 years ago 1
GRR. PLEASE, get rid of user ehco. It is causing me nnothing but trouble.

And I cannot even create an account over there. I have to use google sign in. PLEASE get rid of them. They do not use BrowserID -- which is the only system that lets people sign in without being tracked by big companies, and I no logner trust google. User echo deleted my first attempt to send you feedback. PLEASE get rid of them.

Imgur no longer works on small monitors. I have a laptop, 15 inch. I keep it at 72 DPI. That means 640 vertical pixels. That means 570 for the app. That means less for the inside of the firefox window.

And imgur is no longer working right.

I see stuck nav bars on the top, that mess up page up/page down. I see the bottom edge of a graphic under it, so I assume that there are controls there.

I cannot work with albums. Attempting to create an album gives me a panel that is too tall to fit on my screen, and I cannot scroll it -- you now have things fixed in place and they don't fit.

I cannot upload properly. Attempting to upload multiple files from the front screen gives me apparent success on the first one, and failure on the rest -- but in reality, none have uploaded. And attempting to upload from the images page is also a failure -- I say upload, select my picture, attempt to group them into an album, and when it's done the pictures are there, but the album is empty. And if I try to edit the album to add images it just gets stuck on loading.

I would also love it if Imgur uses a responsive design. It does support smartphone displays. But optimizing the user interface for multiple resolutions would be nice to have. I use Imgur at 2560x1600 resolution and there is tons of empty space on the left and right side and I still have to crawl because of the length of the page! 
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