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Repost Button

Daniel Lucas 11 years ago updated by Sarah 11 years ago 1

Due to the new User Submit functionality (which i love! thanks) there are obviously a TON more reposts out there. It is impossible for users to know that pictures they find on facebook/reddit/4chan/etc are actually from Imgur or that they have been recently posted on Imgur from the same site. Unless one monitors the New User Submit 24/7, you can never know unless it is actually on the Most Viral page. Thus, I would like to give my idea of a Repost Button to be placed next to the Report/Spam button. This would allow people to report reposts from the last 48hours(just an example) without having to downvote people(not their fault they want to share something with the community that was recently shared, or at least not ALWAYS their fault) or without reporting it as Spam or Abuse(which should be saved for the gore/porn/etc).

You are smart people, I am sure you can work out the gritty details if you decide to move forward with this idea. Thanks for listening/reading!

Also, will give those who insist on calling out EVERY repost something productive to do with their frustration. :P

Under review