Few question about pro

Gin Fuyou 13 years ago updated by Alan Schaaf (Founder) 13 years ago 2
Hello, I pretty much liked the service and I'm considering to buy pro account, but I have a few questions that I haven't find clearly answered here or in FAQ.
1  If my pro account expires (forgot to pay, decided not to pay, payment issues) what happens to images considering there are more than 225 limit? If they are "bumped out" will they be restored if I subscribe once again?
2. Do jpeg images go through compression down to 80 jpeg quality in pro accounts (I mean if originals are LESS than 5MB)? There were some mentions about quality adjustments but I can't see anything like it in my account.
3. Only PayPal? I prefer using my Visa directly.

Thank you, and sorry about my English.
I have been a Pro user for more than a year and I recently renewed my account. Here is my experience... Might be accurate might be accidental. 

1. All images uploaded during the Pro account phase would remain accessible even if your account is now free. Your newer images would follow the 255 limit. That means newer photos would disappear from the view but pro photos would still remain accessible. 

2. IMGUR states that they would not resize your images if they are below the limits. It does however offer an option to compress on your machine first for uploading for faster uploads for Pro accounts. It also removes EXIF information from images. 

3. I had a similar problem. Had to ask a friend to pay through his PayPal account. There is no option to pay currently without creating a PayPal account (because of subscription requirements). Developer did say that he is considering adding other options like Google Checkout. 

According .2 - Imgur does state that, but how it is in reality? There s similar discussion there. I don't think removing EXIF would free 300KB from 700KB jpeg. And I do not think there is such a nice loseless optimization algorithm for jpeg. Well I can just use PNG at the very least. If compression is an option where can I disable it? (or is it impossible with free account?)

P.S. Chi-, I forgot 's' in the title, fail =__="