i.imgur.com links not loading

Keko 12 years ago updated by Gerry Boyd 9 years ago 6

This morning when I came into work, I noticed i.imgur.com links do not load. If I go to imgur.com the page loads, but there are no pictures. It was working fine yesterday.

This is what it looks like: http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/8646/screenshot2011100423232.png

I have tried the following:

-Hosts file entries, nothing seems to work

-Imgur -> Filmot script - script failed referencing 'document'

-Ingur -> Filmot Chrome Addon, only works on the first page of RES, then stops

-Switching to Google's DNS, no effect

-Changing IP's

I can ping i.imgur.com. All browsers on my machine are affected. Other machines on my network are unaffected, so I know it is not blocked for us. Does anyone have any advice? This is maddening.

If I try to load an i.imgur.com link all I get is a blank white page and the tab says "qus4p.png (1x1)"

Was working perfectly fine yesterday. My network does not have i.imgur.com blocked, any other machine can access it.


 Turn off Kaspersky Internet Security. It worked for me.


That's an interesting solution and quite possible, I can't access imgur images on my computer but it works fine on a multitude of mobile devices on the same network so it can't be the connection and must be something more local.

It's Kaspersy anti-banner plugin. Turn it off.



No, I think its something else, but definitely kaspersky, I turned the plugin off and restarted chrome but imgur still will not load images.

It is the Anti-Banner, I fixed mine.

If you go to Anti-Spy, click Settings for Anti-Banner. Go to whitelist and add *.imgur.com

Fixed my problem. When you go back to imgur make sure you do a full refresh Ctrl + f5 or Ctrl + reload page button

I'm on a chrome book and getting blanks too.