Generate multiple HTML/IMG links with thumbnails that link to full sized image for craigslist and ebay use.

Alex K 8 years ago updated by un known 7 years ago 1

Can Imgur generate multiple HTML links that display thumbnail images and link to the full sized image for the purpose of listing items on craigslist/ebay.  They would essentially look like:

<a href="imgur.com/myimage"><img src="imgur.com/myimagethumb" /></a>
<a href="imgur.com/myimage"><img src="imgur.com/myimage" width="800" height="600" /></a>

I'm desperate to do this too.  I paid for a premium account with the expectation that this would be possible, but it turns out that it's not.

imgur's "Linked BBCode" option is almost what I want, except that I want to display thumbnails which lead to a direct, IN-PLACE DISPLAY of the full-size image...with no redirects to another site please.  Just click on the thumbnail and show the big picture.

imagebam is a service that already demonstrates exactly what I need, except that it takes you off to its own site to view the full-size images.  I picked imgur specifically because it can display pictures in place, but I can only seem to do that with the larger images.  I can't find any way to get a thumbnail that leads to a full-size, in-place image...am I just missing something or is this a feature request?