It won't let me comment on any pictures...

Rachel Davis 12 years ago updated by Christopher Wilson 9 years ago 5
Am I a bad Person?
I tried reloading the page several times, but my comment refuses to save... It's rather heartbreaking, really. : (

Did you ever get this fixed? It's happening to me now and I'd really like to get it figured out

I'm having the same problem. It comes and goes. Some times I can post and then other times it's like "save" and I'm like "Where is it saving too?!!!" Sorry I couldn't offer a solution, but I know your feels. =/
It says the problem was "fixed." HOW? Do I need to do something? This is breaking my heart too :(
This problem was not fixed. I've almost stopped using Imgur at this point. I cannot post comments on anything, and I see the same problem on multiple machines. It always says there was an error. Reloading the page never helps.