Prompt at the top of my page won't go away and is crazy annoying. Also I can't upload images.

Kayla Kulczycki fa 8 anys updated by Sarah fa 8 anys 0

There is a prompt at the top of my screen asking to upload images that won't go away. This makes browsing so cumbersome that it's not worth it. I then tried to upload an image and the page freaked out. I go to my "images" page and EVERY LINK (even to return to the gallery) opens up an image folder on my computer... WHAT?! I did try turning it off and turning it on again (IT Crowd WHAT?!) but to no avail. It ended up uploading one of my photos but now I can't get into it to edit or post to the gallery. It's all a mess. :-( Last night it was kicking ass and now I'm sad....