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Problem with images being forbidden - think you've blocked us?

c whitfield 9 years ago updated by Sarah 9 years ago 0
Hi, I've been trying to find a resolution for this. I've left message on helpdesk and sent a message but no response that I can see. Could someone pleae confirm either way. Thanks

Recently we've found we're getting the forbidden message on a rugby forum. I found a previous bug message (link below) and suspect it's something similar. Unfortunately certain posters have the occassional fondness for boobs and posting pics of them. Can you please confirm if that's why we're being blocked and if possible unblock us.

I have posted a message asking them not to use it for 'naughty' pics in future. And as an aside quite a few of us had said enough is enough with the boob pics a few weeks ago so I think it should be fine in future.

The previous message is http://imgur.userecho.com/topic/103132-imgur-images-show-as-broken-images-at-veehdcom/

And the forum is a rugby (sport) forum - http://forum.planet-rugby.com/viewforum.php?f=3

Many thanks,