Ability to copy forum (mesage board) links for all images right after upload

Andres Cichero 13 years ago updated by Alan Schaaf (Founder) 13 years ago 6

That + an "Auto Resize" option when you are not logged in would be "The Panacea" :-)

I mean, right after finished upload in this screen: 

Image 1

You have someplace where you can direct copy something like this:






Resize option IS NOT available. I know that it can be done by checking "Edit", but is not straightforward :-(

And what's about the option to resize directly, without going through the editing (always unlogged I talking)

That option is only available from the account section. It's not available from the home screen because of the massive load it takes to resize lots of images at once. So, you need an account.

The ability to copy all links together is also not available. 

You can go to "First image", copy link and paste to destination, then go to "Second Image" and copy/paste it, and so on... but the idea was to have the ability to copy ALL links in one single step

Yes it is, click on the generate links link.

Great!!... sorry, had not seen the option before