After hiding an image, I can't delete, unhide, ..

Jan Willem 13 years ago updated by Kangenwater Spray 9 years ago 33
After hiding an image, it just disappears from my gallery (obviously).  However, it would be nice to be able to undo this action, or to be able to delete it after hiding, or perhaps even unhiding.


You can't. It says "permanently hide this image". It totally removes it from your account.
You can't. It says "permanently hide this image". It totally removes it from your account.
So 'detach' would be a more appropriate name than 'hide', no?  It stays available by the same url, and users can still view it.

This is so stupid.  Add an undo feature.


that's so stupid. it's basically just another delete button. you should make it reversable. 


It does not delete the image. It hides it from your account. 


That's stupid, sorry.
The option should be called "completely lose control over this image"

wth? Now I can't delete my own uploaded picture?
It doesn't get more stupid than that.


Agreed, this is really dumb.  I really needed to remove this one image but instead I chose "Hide" and now I can never control this image again?  Please add an undo. 


Mail Imgur for asking for removal of this image if you have a valid reason. 


This is a terrible feature. Please add an undo or better yet, remove the feature altogether.


This is the most ridiculous feature that I have ever seen. 


It's not a stupid feature, per se... it's just a feature that most people won't want or need. The idea of this feature is to detach it from your account, but still leave it accessible for the world. Example: Here's a picture of an ice cube. People seem to like this picture, but I don't need it associated with my account any more. It's basically the same as taking something and leaving it in a public park then walking away. Someone might want it, but you don't need it yourself any more. This works best if you've tagged and captioned your pictures. If they're searchable, then great. Otherwise, you're just orphaning bits and wasting space. 



I wouldn't call it "stupid." They trick you into having oversight of your material.


At least call it something other than "hide". 


There may be a use for it, but I still think you should get the option to undo it.


I accidentally hid an image today, and just visited the original image page, and the delete link was still visible, and it deleted fine. Fixed?


I've got to echo what's being said here. This is absolutely the most backwards "feature" I've ever seen. I wanted to trim down my images from public view, and being that I don't know absolutely everything there is to know about Imgur, I chose my images and selected to Hide them. I assumed this would hide them from being seen, but that I could still - through administrative options - be able to access them.

Apparently, that's not the case and rather than simply hiding more than half of my pictures, I have essentially deleted them. That is, of course, unless I copied and saved every link for some reason, rather than thinking I wouldn't need to save the links to the images saved on my account because they could be accessible through my account. Instead, I find out that not only are the pictures permanently hidden from my view even when logged in, but that the images are still accessible if I have the links to them.

In what way does any of that make sense? Would it not be far more logical to allow the owner of the account full rights in hiding or unhiding their own images, especially when taken into consideration the fact that hiding an image really only prevents it from being seen from the gallery, and is still entirely visible through a link. If I wanted to delete my images, I would have chosen to delete them.

I honestly cannot understand why this is even a "feature". Why offer the ability to permanently hide a picture in the first place? I understand having the ability to hide, but to hide the owner's pictures from themselves and leave them unable to unhide or delete them is ridiculous.

Now, if I wanted to get those pictures back, I'd have to pray that someone I've linked them to has saved the link for them, which of course is as obscure as this "feature" is - not that I have a problem with the imgur links, though. That does nothing for the multitude of pictures I uploaded for my own use and did not bother giving links or copying links for. Furthermore, if for any reason I wanted to permanently delete those images (after all, why not, since I can't even use them now?), I have to go through a form to do so, rather than just being given the option to "View Hidden Pictures" and being able to not only access them, but also unhide them or delete them.

Yes, I know the fallback response to this seems to be "It says Permanently Hide", but really - that's hardly an answer to the people who are rightfully upset about the way this has been implemented. It does say Permanently Hide, but when so many people are voicing their opinions about the backwards nature of the opinion, one has to question why you're refusing to acknowledge it at all, or offer any sort of solution to something that is very clearly a horrible implementation of what could be a great feature.

Quite possibly the stupidest "feature" I've ever encountered.
It sounds like this image processing issue hasn't been solved? right? just wait for the new solution to control image hiding issue.
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this sounds like a breach of my privacy
let's get a court case going 
just lost control of an image i wanted to keep private. fuck you very much imgur.
Thank you, I've just lost 50 important pictures of mine, because I just wanted to hide them from others. I have no backup, so basically, yeah. I am so sorry to say it this way, but fuck yourselves. What's the point of having 2 delete buttons? And in 3 years you had no damn time to change the name from 'hide' to something else? That's just great...
Imgur is a lame joke, as far as photo sharing sites go!

I uploaded my photo, to show it to one person.. I sent him a direct link to my pic, so he wouldnt be able to see ny whole album, all of my images.
He saw my photo on Imgur, and I deleted it. 
Guess what, pasting the link to Chrome, brought up the 'deleted' image! As if I never deleted it!
Imgur is a joke! Their excuse is, the image is buffered in some cache there or there. But no! How come Flicr, Photobucket do not have this 'buffered in some server' lame excuse?
Imgur blows, plain and simple!
My pic, a sensitive, petsonal pic, was accessable to anybody, who had a link to it, if the guy chose to share my pic with his online friends, and HE DID. View counter showed high number of views.. AFTER I deleted the image, and naivly believed it to be in fact deleted, as in NOT VIEWABLE BY PUBLIC.

Imgur is a joke! And since it caused me embarrassment, a BAD JOKE!
You do realize that when you share an image with someone, he can store a copy of it with himself? He does not even to access your Imgur link anymore. 
You do realize, that when I delete an image, that had uploaded to imgur.com, and latet deleted , I expect that image to be deleted, as in not coming up in a browser?
You do realize that, yes?
Do you also realize, I am not asking you to come up with various scenarios, what some viewer may, or may not chose to save?
Just admit your image hosting blows, and does so HARD. 
Maybe ggl 'imgur not deleting images', and then worry what some guy may, or may not save.
Uploaded an image: 
Deleted it. 
Took Imgur less than 100 seconds to remove it for me. 
I would be more than satisfied, if image is deleted in 100 sec.
In my case, it was accessible more than 24hrs, after I had deleted it.
Maybe you were lucky.. And I was very unlucky!

Do you notice imgur.com has a 'Please remove Image' request form on their web site?
What is the need for such strange request form?
Have you seen any such request form on Flickr.. Or othet photo sharing sites?
Granted, Im no veteran of hosting images, but isnt therea 'Delete' button on every photo site?
Imagine if FB had this form lol..
I am pretty sure, most people are not into filling up request forms, for sonething as simple, as deleting a pic.
Regardless, this is my last post here,
An Ex Imgur user

here is another image link for you. i would delete it after a few minutes. check back later today. 
I give your funny reply a break! Thete's so much SO wrong with it!
It is one thing for some guy to save my pic on his hdd, and its another thing, when link to image at imgur.com, that I 'deleted', is still accessible to all, who click on the link.

Have you guys at Imgur given it a thought, to do away with  Delete button,  and the delete option alltogether?
Since it does not do anything, it certainly does not delete the image, why have a Delete button at all? I mean, saves you space on page layout, AND more importantly, does not fool your member into believing he deleted an image.. As in fact image is still there, sitting pretty!
Goid bye, Imgur guy!
I wish you didnt try to defend, and find excuses to this joke of a web site!
You know its a joke, be honest, admit it, say you working on it!
But no! This is internet, afterall...
just uploaded two images and deleted them. they were deleted just fine. over and out. you can continue to rant here for your own pleasure. 
This was not a rant. But ridicule, and lessen my legitimate crticizm to 'rant', if you feel that saves you face.
Bye imgur! Bye imgur staff!
ITS RETARTd CASUE it just is! XD
It works like this -

when a pic is deleted from account it is NOT DELETED from server and it remains active for who ever has the link.

the only way to remove a pic permanently is by using the deletion link provided at the time of upload. keep track of this link because this link is not given a second time (question is WHY NOT? what is so technically challenging that a deletion link cannot be shown beside a pic everytime?)

the last method of deletion is by begging them to delete a pic, and you will have to submit a reason why you want YOUR OWN pic to be removed form THEIR server. For example if you upload a pic of an elephant and want it removed permanently you probably have to have a pretty good reason because my elephant belongs to no-one!

Well u can delete the picture after u hide it, if u go the pictures link near the bottom u will see a deletion link that u can email to urself. After that, just go to ur email click on the link and it will send u to imigur asking if u want to delete the picture. Hoped this helped!