Support login with OpenID

Stephen Judge 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 2
Not all of us like our online identities being managed by the big networks. Give your users complete control of our identities and allow us to sign up and login with OpenID.
i support this of course. but the fact remains openid has been made irrelevant with all the other services which are much more popular. 
If you support this the please vote up the idea. I disagree though that OpenID is irrelevent. In fact many of the login serives supported by Imgur are in fact using OpenID, like Google, Yahoo and AOL. If you want to surrender control of your online identity to companies like Facebook who have a questionable track record with peoples data, then fine go ahead. But for those of us that want to manage and have complete control over our online identity then OpenID should be available. And as I said if you can implement Google, Yahoo and AOL login then you can implement OpenID. Especially if they are using an API like Janrain Engage, it's just a matter of adding OpenID to your profile and boom it's on the site.