Anonymous 13 years ago updated by Alan Schaaf (Founder) 13 years ago 3

As stated in the FAQ:

"How long do you keep the images?

As long as images are getting at least 1 view every 3 months, they will stick around forever. After that, your image may be removed to create more space for newer images."

Do you mean...each image? Or as long as one photo of mine gets viewed, the rest won't be deleted?

I'm sorry, but it's a little vague to me.

i believe he is talking about individual images. this is applicable for free accounts. i have seen a couple of my images from the free account era disappear due to lack of views from not so popular forum posts. i have been using pro for the last year and would probably renew because i use imgur extensively these days. 
Oh. I was hoping I could transfer all my images from Tinypic.
for permanent storage, a paid account would be a better option. (you might want to check out zooomr).