Please help, my comments are invisible to every one else.

Felix Feline 12 years ago updated by napsmear 12 years ago 4
My comments for the past 3 days have either disappeared or no one else can read them. Everything is sitting at 1 point and I have been asking for replies to test but nothing, anyone know how to fix this?
This is happening to me as well, no up or down votes for last 2 days (I at least get a downvote every day), i can see my comments if i return to the page, but I suspect no one else is seeing them AT  ALL.
A fix or suggestion would be marvelous. Thanks
Email support@imgur.com with your account information. 
Ty Sarah, all is back to normal, I mean as normal as it can be 
I suspect it's doing it again,.....hope it can be eventually remedied.