Account holder loses "URL upload" option

Braden McGrath 13 ár síðan updated by Alan Schaaf (Founder) 13 ár síðan 4
If you don't create a free imgur account, you get an option to upload directly from a URL.  This is handy for rehosting images off of a 3rd party site where you don't want to steal their bandwidth when you post the image on a forum.

Once you have a free account, there's no more option to use the URL "upload."  Minor pain in the butt.  Would be nice to see this fixed or added.

Ok. Sort of confused. You can use the URL Upload method from the homepage of the service in any case... I have an account and it works fine for me. 

From what I see, the backend section of accounts do not offer a tool for URL uploading. 

Tip. You can install a browser extension to easily upload images from any website. I use one on Chrome and it works very nicely. 

Correct, the front-end would still work, but then you can't go back to your "uploaded images" page after signing in to find the image again... because it isn't associated with your account, since you "uploaded" (more like "sideloaded") it while signed out.

I was already using an imgur extension for Chrome, but I'm giving yours a try, it may do what I'm looking for.  The one I had previously only worked for local files and didn't have the URL-based option.
Sign in first, then use the uploader on the homepage. Anything you upload while signed in, whether it's from the backend "images" page or the homepage, will go into your account.
righto. i can confirm. if you are logged in... any image uploaded from the homepage AND using the extensions are saved in your account.