Reporting users

♫tygirltaco♪ 12 years ago 0

I know that there is a way to report individual comments, but is it possible to report entire users? Besides posting their name here like I've seen? I've noticed quite a few spammers lately and I just thought it might be easier than going through and reporting each of their individual comments.

I've been told that the ability to individually report posts is better because it allows just the bad posts to be reported and removed, as well as keeping from potential abuse of people getting reported willy-nilly. But if a sort of, perhaps more time consuming or indirect method could be established, I think it would be very helpful when it comes to users who are being used purely for posting spam. For instance something where you have to post a reason for the report and maybe a link to at least 3 or so instances that proves a need for it? I don't know something along that line.

I know you guys are working hard to keep imgur a great place and I love and appreciate everything you do. This is a wonderful site. Just a small suggestion to help keep the community clean and fun.