Alan, will you stop by and give another AMA...

ch1llboy 13 years ago updated by Alan Schaaf (Founder) 13 years ago 3

 when your site hits #2 picture site in the world behind flickr? Your not far off are you? Only imageshack left to beat and trending strongly? Where do you get your rankings?

My question for AMA: 

When did you have the wow moment? When did the idea that it could become this big creep in and you started to plan for it? Did world domination and a concubines occur to you?

just wanted to say something here. facebook is the world's largest picture site. not public but still. Flickr is nothing when compared to Facebook :D 

but a second AMA from Alan would be nice. 
Hey! I've already done two AMAs, so I'm not sure if a third would even be very interesting since almost everything has been covered before.

In regards to your question, you might be giving me too much credit :) Imgur was a project I was working on in my spare time while I was an undergrad. I picked an image host because, at the time, reddit was having a lot of trouble posting images -- they'd always get taken down and replaced with a yellow frog or a "upgrade to pro" message. When I released it on reddit, I really had no plans for it, but it very quickly grew into something huge. About 6 months later, Imgur LLC was officially created and has since become my full time job.

Jesus! You did this in your spare time?? As an undergrad?? o_O Either you weren't studying very hard, Alan, (jk!) or you're just making the rest of us look awfully, awfully bad. ;)