Relatively major bug on image album management screen

Spambanjo hace 8 años 0

I have found a pretty major bug when modifying my image albums

Software: Windows 7 / Firefox 16.0.2 / Avast Anti Virus

Here's how to replicate the error.

  • Add "album 1" and select a few uploaded images.
  • Add "album 2", again selecting a few uploaded images.
  • Return to the album list and edit the list of images in "album 1" by selecting "modify this album" then "add and remove images". Swap out a few images for others at this point.
  • Save the changes and return to the album list.
  • Select "album 2" from the list, the album incorrectly shows the newly modified version of "album 1".
  • Select "album 1" from the list, the album shows the original, completely unmodified version of "album 1".
Hope you can help :)