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Caloonese 13 years ago updated by Alan Schaaf (Founder) 13 years ago 8
Is there a way to go back a few months to see old picture?  I am new to imgur and like to see older postings that I miss in the past 4 years.  However, when I use the "NEW" mode to browse the pictures, hitting the arrow key will not move me to the earlier post. Instead, I was redirected to the list on the right pane.  I tried scrolling down the NEW page and look for older postings, but as soon as I click a picture, it brought be back to the top and it takes forever to scroll to posting from just two months ago.  Going back 2 years is totally impossible.
You mean like this? http://imgur.com/gallery/?p=50

Just change 'p' to whatever you want. However, the maximum is 200 because that's as far back as the gallery goes.
Thanks for sharing this secret trick.

Does p stand for page? Since the bottom of the page always grow when you scroll down, then how do you define a page? Is there a correlation to number of days or weeks?  I ask because I'd like to know what ball park number to use if I want to go back say 60 days.

When I put p=200, and then scroll to the bottom, it keeps going and going to append more to the bottom.  Apparently, there are more beyond 200. Why limit to 200?

The gallery has a choice of HOT TOP or NEW. does the p= option work for all three modes?
P stands for page, and a page represents one day of images. The limit of 200 means that you're going back 200 days, which is very close to the beginning of the gallery's creation (with a small buffer so that you can still scroll a little bit).

Also, yes, the p option works in all three modes.
Hey, just letting you know that I've released a new feature to allow you to easily go back and look at older images. Next to the "hot, top and new" links you'll see one called "past".
Thank you! That is exactly what I needed.
I'd like to report a bug.  On the Past tab, the >> and << button both move the day in the same direction.
Thanks for letting me know. It's been fixed.
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