Some downvote options

Tom Beggs 12 років тому оновлено Jobzzle 12 років тому 1
So there are a couple of posts on the problem of downvoters already, but there are a couple more viable suggestions for how to deal with the issue. I think it's something that needs to be looked-at, as there seem to be users who just downvote everything, without even reading what they're striking.  It's leaving a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths.

A couple of suggestions on how to deal with the issue:
First, we could get rid of downvotes all-together.  Upvotes would decide the winner, and offensive comments could be reported.
Another option would be a cap on downvotes:  either you get 5-10/day, or you earn 1 for every 10 upvotes.  Something like that. 

Imgur is a predominantly positive place, and I'd like to see it stay that way!

Thanks for your time and consideration.  

p.s.  You have an engaged community who loves this site.  Why not put a couple of ideas forward, each one as an individual picture in a reserved spot at the top of the gallery, and let us vote on them?...  That'd be cool!

What about amount of downvotes allowed per user to increase with the rep levels?

That way the top imgurians (who have, in all probability, been there longer than the downvote fairies) will act as locum moderators, only downvoting the inappropriate/shitty captions, and if you're new the only way to gain rep is to upvote and caption images like normal.