Unable to view replies in comments or upvote on the iPad.

Adam Russ 12 years ago updated by agenseo 9 years ago 9

Just this past week I've noticed that I am no longer able to read replies in the user comments section or upvote comments when I use my iPad, (aka my $500 Imgur machine). Has anyone else had this problem? 

I can't wait for this to get fixed. I can't vote and can't read comment replies. It's really annoying! I'm also unable to open links embedded in comments :(


Is this ever going to get fixed? It's been months now


This drives me crazy.  Please hurry with the fix Imgur!


I'm still dealing with this. One trick I've learned to use until Imgur fixes this is that if I refresh the page, while it's loading, I can upvote on comments that have loaded, post a comment, or I can save images to iPhoto. I can also upvote photos by viewing them in thumbnails in the gallery. I've also been able to view comments by holding the "+" icon by a comment and then selecting "open" to view replies or post a reply. I hope this gets fixed soon. I was emailed by Imgur around a month ago and was told they are working to solve the problem. So, fingers crossed. 


Weird thing happened late last month, November. There was an hour where Imgur worked perfectly. I was ecstatic! I thought this was fixed finally! But then it reverted back to not working properly. Wtf happened? Considering the highest percentage of time spent on my ipad is browsing Imgur, I can't adequately express my sorrow. 

This bug is quite annoying. Very annoying I might add. Are we iPad users such a small minority that this gets neglected in favor of other platforms?

Anyway, Somebody please go help this Sarah who has been "FIXING" this for 2 months now!


7 months! Can we please just get this fixed already??!

LOL! Just got here eveyrone! Still no response and no fix. It's 2014 now.

Shout Outs & Thanks To Sarah, whoever you are, for updating this a year ago as now in the 'fixing' status.