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Clicking images in the "browse" box only works once. After that, I have to reload the page before clicking another image works.

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I use IE10 with no add-ins or special configuration, and visit imgur from reddit links.  While viewing an image, I can click on another imagine in the "browse" box in the upper right, and that image is loaded in the main viewing area.  However after doing this once, clicking on subsequent images in the "browse" box has no effect.  If I reload the page, I get one more click before it breaks again.  I can still right-click to open the images in new tabs, though.


I noticed that by using the IE developer tools (press F12) to force imgur to render using "Document Mode: standards" instead of "Document Mode: IE9 standards", this problem goes away, but the image pages always default to IE9 standards for some reason.  I assume this is related to some headers you use or don't use, but I don't know the details.

I should clarify, it's not that clicking the image has no effect, since the caption does update.  It's just that the image doesn't show up, the viewing area is just black.

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