Image highlight not on right image

Brian Bauman 12 years ago updated by Sarah 12 years ago 2
After opening and closing an image from a comment while viewing an image in the gallery (the type that pops up in the shadow-box), the yellow highlighting box on the image selector (top-right 3x2 thumbnail block) does not update to the current image. This is most noticeable when on the last image in a set of six because when I go to the next image, the image selector is still on the old set of six and not on the new set of six. 
I am using the latest stable release of Google Chrome. I did not test this on any other browser.
Thank you for your work on this site, it really is a beautifully designed and well-functioning piece of work.
I was in the gallery today, and realized I forgot to mention that it only does this when changing the pictures with the arrow keys.
We'll look into it, thanks!