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Please come down hard on goonrushing other sites or real people.

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While I understand this is a text scam, posting anyone's real info and encouraging harassment should be bannable. Do you have mods who regularly handle reports but also proactively view comments?

This isn't 4chan or SA, please don't allow behavior like this.

Also ban people who make stupid comments like this: I think that the number is actually 1(716)754-4775 Also, as a Freshman in College who plans to find a women. FUCK HER!
À l'étude
I assume that someone would have to report the image before Imgur can review it. The amount of images uploaded to Imgur ensures that manual moderation is simply not possible. 
Also maybe ban people who post emails in general. A lot of the time the posters are trying to get someone else harassed by pretending its their own number.