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"Scam alert" 67 BMW R69S - $2500‏

♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ 8 years ago updated by Sarah 8 years ago 1
Hey guys watch out for this guy  under the name of  "Elsa Harmon" trying to sell BMW motorcycle trough Google Checkout http://imgur.com/a/LagHA#0


 Here is their scam e-mail send to me...   (From Craigslist)

Hello again,
Here you have the pics : http://imgur.com/a/LagHA#0
I've just finished the divorce with my ex-husband and the bike was given to me among other assets. It was always titled to my name, but now no one can claim it, so I can sell it without any problems. Anyway in this situation I cannot use this bike anymore because my transfer was approved and I moved back to my home country Slovakia where I've got a new job.
The bike is now at a shipping company in Columbus, OH , US. Before I left the States, I've made an arrangement with a shipping company and with Google Checkout Protection Program and I signed a contract with them to sell my bike and some other assets I was left with. They are authorized to sell it for me and they can also provide transportation to your address. All that you need: title , bill of sale , history book , 2 keys are in their possession.  I've already signed the title, it just needs to be completed with the buyer's name.The payment will be made through bank to bank wire transfer. I forgot to say that the shipping will be free for you.
If you are interested in this transaction please send me your full name, address and your phone so I can forward them to the Google Checkout.
After that, they will contact you to make the arrangements for delivery of the bike. The shipping company will bring the bike to your home address (or anywhere else you want) and you will have 5-7 days to inspect it and the documents before deciding if you buy it or not.
Let me know if you are interested to buy it and if you have money available to buy it.
If you want to buy my bike please email me back your full name and shipping address and your phone so I can contact Google Checkout and after that they will send you the purchase invoice so we can complete the deal.