new interace layout

Jeremy Comer 9 years ago 0
Hi team Imgur!

I want to give you some (hopefully constructive) criticism on the new layout. (sorry if "bugs" is the wrong section, but there wasn't a "feedback" option)

The up/down vote bar; How many ups vs downs a post has is a bit of into that is really nice to see, on almost all posts. Having to click to see it really detracts from its usefulness. The previous red/green bar was a really nice, simple representation that you just absorbed without any effort. UI improvements should reduce the number of clicks users make, not increase them.

The padding in the comments text field is somewhat deceptive. It makes it feel like the cursor is not right at the beginning of the field.

The fav icon turning red. well yes I can see that you are going for a classic heart colour, but its so counter intuitive as it's the same colour as a downvote.

v minor points;
The separation between the comments section and image feels like a waste of screen space, and really breaks the visual line of the interface.
The new buttons seem rather old-school and clunky.

I'm sorry these are all negative points, but I'm sorry to say that there is nothing about the new UI that I can get excited about. It seems like change for changes sake and has reduced the easy and intuitive user flow that is part of what made imgur so great.

I really hope that you'll back out some of the recent changes. I love Imgur but these changes really don't sit well.

All the best