OAuth - explicit username?

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When authenticating to Twitter via OAuth, the "screen_name" query string parameter can be specified as part of the authorization URL in order to log into a particular account. This is necessary so that the username can be stored together with the OAuth token as part of an "account entry" on the Nokia N9 that's displayed in the system settings.

Is it possible for an application to specify the user account that needs to be authenticated? If not, would it be possible to add this functionality? (It would be most convenient if the parameter were named "screen_name", but any value would do)

Hi, could you help me on how to signing in with OAuth here?

Currently, I could do everything until I get the access token, but when I use that token it says that I am not authorized (401 error). After I looked up on google, I found out that you have to sign in first, is this true? If its true, is it true that we have to use a username to do so?

My understanding is that you use the token supplied to generate an authorization URL, which you then display in a browser. The user then logs in with their username and password in order to authenticate the token, which you then use to make API calls. However, I'm using Nokia's OAuth2 library so I'm not sure about the specifics.

Under normal circumstances, the username is only entered in the form. I'm looking for a way to specify to imgur that a username has already been entered (and therefore only ask for the password), as the other approach is problematic with Nokia's framework.
I see. Thanks for the reply.

Actually, I have succeeded in getting the token after the user authenticate and gives access. But somehow, when I used that token to upload the image, i got a 401 error. I'm not sure whether I was using the api call wrong, or i was supposed to do a sign in first.

Maybe I should resort to a framework too, to do this.