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Create album from existing album.

Cameron Whitehouse 9 years ago updated by Sarah 9 years ago 0
Let's say I've uploaded a lot of images, and I've sorted them into different albums.  I want to be able to open up Album A and select my favorite images that will comprise the new Album B. Right now, if I want to create Album B, I have to look through tiny thumbnails of ALL of my images to find those favorites.

There are a few features that could facilitate this:

1- Duplicate an existing album: Duplicate Album A, then edit the duped album and rename it Album B

2- The ability, when you're viewing an image in an album or wherever, to have an option that allows you to add it to an existing album.

3- The option, when creating Album B, to select which of your existing albums is the source of the images.

Thanks for making Imgur my #1 choice for image hosting.  I hope my suggestions don't seem too picky, but these features would really make organizing your images so much faster and easier.