The 'New and Improved' Imagur sucks, man.

couale 10 years ago updated by Alan Schaaf (Founder) 7 years ago 8
PLEASE go back to the old version with pages rather than this infinite scrolling crap. I love imagur but not like this. This just makes me sad. 
I don't understand. What don't you like about it? Are you just used to the old version?
In a way. What I like about the old version is that it's easier to access older images by skipping to page 400+ rather than having to sift through a ton of things you've already seen to get there.

If there is a way to skip to older stuff in a quick manner, by all means, let me know. 

Ok, thanks. That's much more useful :)

I'll add a "skip to page" link this weekend. Hopefully that will solve the issue.

That would be awesome beyond belief! 
Hey, just letting you know that I've released a new feature to allow you to easily go back and look at older images. Next to the "hot, top and new" links you'll see one called "past".
I just got a chance to check it out- thank you so much! 
Actually, here you go: http://imgur.com/gallery/?p=50

Just change 'p' to whatever you want. However, the maximum is 200 because that's as far back as the gallery goes.
Really wish the nav buttons were back on the bottom of the page....much easier when using my ipad.