relocate the mobile button

Gazona 11 year бұрын updated by Renu Singh 9 year бұрын 4
Hello, as I am browsing alot on my phone, imgur had always been on mobile settings. Just some time ago it went from mobile to normal
I tried switching back but failed m.imgur.com just put me back to imgur, so i started looking for the mobile button after searching i found it on yhe button of the page, i found out that this the most annoying place every, as soon as you see it. It loads either for me more pictures or comments and if you try to be fast and click and usually end up on a different picture, this fighting for mobile settings is everything but fun
I would like to ask for you guys to move it to a more static place

Thank you for reading
This is unbelievably annoying and still happening. Using the app isn't an option because it's not user friendly and doesn't have the old gallery setting. :-(
There is a way to do it. Go to usersub, pict a picture with few points (and therefore few comments) and click mobile on the bottom of that page. Totally agree it should be relocated though.