Xarc 13 years ago updated by Kangenwater Spray 9 years ago 10
I want to download all my albums and pictures converted into folders with pictures in one zip, gzip format.
it is possible to do this ?
this would be a nice option for sure.
This is definitely needed!
awesome idea i was just going to suggest this. definately should be an option to convince members to go pro  ;)
I was looking for a way to do this today and came here to suggest it. Looks like I'm not the only person who has thought of this! Great idea, should definitely be implemented.
Is this feature coming anytime soon?
Yes I think this is an excellent idea; even Facebook has a similar feature.
Users should have control of their own stuff, anytime.

In the meantime, i figured out a workaround:
1. Login, go to your images page and show all pictures.
2. Click on the "view image info" dropdown and click "generate image links".
4. Click to select each picture you want, then click done.
5. Click the dropdown that says "non-direct link" and change it to "direct link".
6. You can now copy and paste these links into a download manager, or if you have the DownThemAll firefox extension, use it on the current page, and select just the "images" filter on the "links" tab, to download all those images you just got the links for.

(You have to get the direct links because otherwise the images link to their own webpage, so it's difficult to automatically download them all.)

The bookmarklet isn't working for me and the workaround dmbyoyo posted is ok except I have 12k images (200 pages) and it'll take WAY too long to select them all etc.

I need another solution ASAP. None of my images are in an album. It takes hours to try and put them in an album.

Agree 100%. I put up 128 pictures last night thinking that I would be able to download them today at work. I was very disappointed to learn that I couldn't. This issue has 126 votes and is over a year old. Come'on. You guys added the messaging and the comment thread stuff, but aren't adding a way to download everything into a zip file.

You're killing me smalls!