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Imgur does modify images to remove EXIF information.

FAQs tells me that images larger than 1MB would be resized. You are saying that it changes the image even if they are less than 1MB. that is strange. 

i have never noticed Imgur messing up images in terms of file quality. 

this is what IMGUR PRO features: 

With standard accounts, images over 1 MB will be compressed until they are less than 1 MB. With pro accounts, your images aren't touched in any way unless they are over 5 MB, in which case they will be compressed until they reach 5MB in size.
from what i know... pro accounts do not lose their photos ever (unless of course there is a server crash or something like that :D ) . so even if you forget to renew, your photos and account would be preserved. i recently renewed my own pro account after a day of expiry. worked just fine. 
ahem. this is marked as completed. have you turned on exif storage? have you made it optional? a comment would have been useful! 
this is one of the features of the service. exif data is removed because the images are shared publicly and the developer does not want hidden information to leak accidentally by users who might have no idea what exif information is stored in the photos. i do not think there is any setting available on imgur platform that retains the data if you so desire. 
I have never faced issues copying codes from the auto select text boxes in Chrome or for that matter in any other browser I use. And I have uploaded on Imgur using Opera/IE/Firefox. 

What I do is simply hover the cursor over the code I want to copy and press Control-C. 
Aviary Feather does not seem to require Adobe Flash so it is not likely to be a plugin problem. 

Maybe the version of Firefox you are using is not capable of handling the HTML5 feature required by Feather. 

That would be my best guess. You might want to consider upgrading to Firefox 4. 
awesome thanks for not rejecting it right-away! 

Ok. Forgot to mention something above. The problem can usually be resolved if i clear the cache. Looks like Imgur has trouble showing new images if it has data stored in the cache.

the spinning white circle has become a major headache for me too. on all browsers. i can wait for 10 minutes and it still would not load images 90% of the times. rest of the times it loads rather quickly. i am not sure if i am alone suffering from this issue. my account has tons of images. which makes me think that i would start with a fresh account when my current package expires. 

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