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Just noticed. And much much better. I hope it does not annoy your other users! Now waiting for quickie links for (select all/none/inverse). If that is not much of a bother. :)
View Image Info dropdown has the options for editing and deleting images.

Basically you can now select multiple images for processing!
Dropbox does it. But then it usually shows you a virtual file on their servers. Imgur links are direct. I am not sure if it is possible for Imgur to have one file with multiple URLs easily.
Awesome implementation. One request though. Can you add a button to select all images in the current view? Basically a shortcut to select all the 42 images that are shown on the screen.
I had like to add something to this suggestion. Embeddable slideshows...
are you sure you are copying the right image code? imgur provide codes for multiple sized images.
Haha. I know. I upload images using Chrome or Firefox... But I mostly use Reddit through Opera where I pretty much browser with JS disabled all the time. For me Opera is used for content consumption while Chrome is used for blogging and other tasks. :)

So, pretty much all the images I view on Imgur are in Opera...

I guess I can live with it. :)

Thanks though!
Next few weeks? That is awesome. I know you promised long time back that this feature would arrive. It is good to know that it is going to arrive soon!
I believe the free accounts have the ability to have unlimited images uploaded to them. Only the latest 250 images are visible from the backend.

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