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Is Exif data removal an all-or-nothing thing? I can definitely see removing anything that reveals identity like "Author" or GPS coordinates, but camera and lens data would be nice to retain for photography-minded people who see a nice photo and ask "I wonder what model camera and lens that was taken with?".

It looks like Windows7 is able to lump all such info of a photo into a group called "Camera" when you do "R-Click > Properties > Details" but I don't know what under-the-hood trickery would be needed by the uploader to sift just that out.

Per Sushubh's point, I get that Imgur is not meant to be an alternative to Flickr, but I got a Pro membership to use it as one nonetheless because I find it's uploading and album navigation controls so vastly superior :)

That was fast! Great site Alan. - A Happy pro-user and Flickr convert.
I too am still seeing this bug when in "Edit image titles and descriptions" view. I see it in both Firefox 7.0.1 and Chrome 15.[mostrecent]. Left arrow and right keyboard keys, while moving the cursor within the description text you are editing, also causes scrolling all over the place.

Additionally, FireFox also appears to have a bug where the "Title" and "Description" textareas don't respond to clicking to let you move the cursor where you want.