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I've been using IMGur for quite a while now even tho' I have several image site accounts as IMGur is just so easy and the developer(s) are so VERY responsive, and affable, to bugs and suggestions. I will admit ignorance to what the "back-end" means.. I use Firefox extension to upload on-the-fly image capture for re-posting news/etc to several forums. My area is Private; not public (I hope).. Nothing bad there but sometimes proprietary info in a graphic is.. The only reason I even knew about the 250 limit was a warning a few months ago that I was about to exceed it. :) That's why I made my suggestion so I could stay ahead of the chop. I'm pleased to hear that Alan is already working on something similar that has even more bells and whistles that will solve my problem.. And that's why this is still my FAVORITE, and go-to-first, image site. *grin*

Thanks again,

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