Hash-check to end duplicates

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Get md5 or something to check if there is duplicates; on your account and / or on the whole site. At times the site manages to load the same image 10 times, and takes forever to delete again.
Dropbox does it. But then it usually shows you a virtual file on their servers. Imgur links are direct. I am not sure if it is possible for Imgur to have one file with multiple URLs easily.
Duplicates are one thing - reposts are another. Perhaps a matching engine like TinEye could be helpful to prevent reposts of images stolen from elsewhere.... (not that there's anything wrong with that)
It would be nice to detect any duplicates and automatically bring the old posting back to the top. If someone found an old posting interesting, it may be worth revisiting. At the same time, the original poster gets the credits for bringing it up weeks or even years before.  Reposting is not a crime, but treating it as new is.

People should be allowed to repost. It's the reposts within a short period of time that tend to irritate users. If reposts got credit for resurrecting an image, people would just repost the current most viral images to get points.

I personally think the best action would be to advise the poster of the most recent gallery post that is the same as their image, just to make them aware of it. They can continue to submit it if they wish. Then on the image's page in the gallery, perhaps it can also list all the previous (or the most recent) submissions of that image to the gallery.