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I've been having serious issues loading comments today, especially when the image is new. It initially shows one or two comments, as if the image is BRAND new, but then if I refresh the page a few times, suddenly a ton of comments show up and are time stamped anywhere from "11-17 minutes ago". As a follow up to that, my up- and down-votes are intermittently (and randomly) not saved when I change images, or sometimes when I reload. I don't know what's going on, but if there's a way to fix this, it would be great.

W trakcie analizy

It's been less problematic the last day or so, for what it's worth. Now the problem seems to be random upvotes to things I never upvoted, and upvotes that I DID give not sticking. Hope that doesn't complicate your reviewing of the initial problem... sorry if it does!