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I've been having serious issues loading comments today, especially when the image is new. It initially shows one or two comments, as if the image is BRAND new, but then if I refresh the page a few times, suddenly a ton of comments show up and are time stamped anywhere from "11-17 minutes ago". As a follow up to that, my up- and down-votes are intermittently (and randomly) not saved when I change images, or sometimes when I reload. I don't know what's going on, but if there's a way to fix this, it would be great.

На рассмотрении

It's been less problematic the last day or so, for what it's worth. Now the problem seems to be random upvotes to things I never upvoted, and upvotes that I DID give not sticking. Hope that doesn't complicate your reviewing of the initial problem... sorry if it does!

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