Login via Google OAuth with https enabled is broken.

William Ting 9 year бұрын updated by Sushubh Mittal 9 year бұрын 2
I just wanted to update this issue. I was using KB SSL in Chrome before. Today EFF came out with their HTTPS Everywhere extension for Chrome:

When using HTTPS Everywhere with Chrome it results in a redirect loop without logging in. Disabling the extension allows login to work fine.

This is related to this previous bug:
Yeah just stumbled upon this as well. I was so confused and getting annoyed until i stumbled upon this. So thanks. disabling HTTPS long enough to login worked but is still annoying.
hehe. i am using the same extension on chrome at my place now. and it tries to load https on imgur everywhere. sort of gets annoying. faced no major problems until now. but it would be awesome if imgur worked fine with this extension!